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Wayne and Dana Derrick
PO Box 111
Maljamar, NM  88264
Derrick's lures are developed on the line. We use these on our line year round, to take the tough ones. We take coyote, lion, cat, reds, grays, swifts, and coons on these lures.

We have used these lures from the mountain predators to the West Texas coyote, coon, and swifts to the coyotes and cats in the sandhills, to the red fox of the plains. 

We started making our lures because when we went into predator control, the animals we were after had already become accustomed to the variety of very good lures that were used by most trappers.  So we had to develop some lures that were slightly different than what was on the market.

We are proud of these lures and use the highest quality lure ingredients that we can find. Lures for working trappers!
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