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G-Man Coyote Video - DVD

Join Wayne and his boys on their coyote line from the sandhills to the mountains of New Mexico. Wayne has been a trapper for 50 years and a government trapper for 16 of those years.

Now Wayne is a private predator controller year round and does his own fur trapping in the winter. Wayne developed these methods to take coyotes by the hundreds and to take the stock killers too.

These methods are geared for the high roller and the part timer as well. Nothing fancy...just solid coyote trapping methods:
Fast easy common sense sets, the right way to take coyotes with flat sets in numbers.
Location, location, location!!
Different luring techniques and change up sets.

You will see coyote after coyote in traps and why they are there. This video is from 1990 to 2006...lots of miles and years in this video!
Rocky Mountain Gray Fox Video -  DVD

Join us on our Gray Fox line, as we make catch after catch.This video will teach you the location and sets we use to make our living on the trap line. Lure usage and the reason we choose the location, set, and lure at these types of sets.

Presented in the Derrick style of no-nonsense, high production trapping. From a beginner to a pro, this video teaches you what it takes to be a real Gray Fox trapper.

Sets to use in high theft areas that are not as visible to the trap thief, but that the Gray Fox can see.

This video is fun and entertains you while you learn.  It also has previews of our next Box Cat video.
Rocks, Brush, and Sandy Washes - Our new Cat video - DVD

If you would like to improve your cat catch, then this is the video for you! And with fur prices up one year and down the next, you need all you can catch.

Wayne has been trapping for 50 years and he is going to help you to improve yor catch. In this entertaining video, you will learn location sets and we will explain our two main sets for cats. You will see a lot of cats caught at these sets.

Notice the percentage of large to extra large Toms. These sets take other cats too, but are very attractive to large Toms when they sometimes refuse dirt holes and walk throughs.

See how we live the life style of a trapper!  This video is 2 hours and 3 minutes.
Rocky Mountain Bobcat Trapping Video - The Hottest video on the Market- DVD

We have used these methods to take Cats for years on the fur line and on the control line. We show the locations that take these cats to the sets, luring techniques, anchoring techniques and traps too.

Some of the best Cat trappers in the business use these methods to make a living. One state A.D.A. Program uses this tape to train all of their field men. If you want to know Cats...this video covers it all! No hanging chickens in this one. Trappers who have bought this video say it has opened their eyes to Cat trapping.

From A.M. Grawe: "Without any doubt, this is the best Cat video on the market!"

This video also available from the top supply house in the country.
Wayne and Dana Derrick
PO Box 111
Maljamar, NM  88264

DVD - $40.00
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