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Food Curiosity Lures

001- My number one lure developed as a M44 bait, but it really shines on a trap in a dirt hole or on a bait stick. A real rain fighter.For Coyote, Cats, and Fox.

1080-Is a step above most other food lure's on the market. In test across the county it worked in the summer heat of the south west to the sub cold of norteast to nortern Nevada. To the humid southeast and south. It was tested on privet control lines and government control as well. Tested and used by some trappers in live market. It works so well we sold out the first year.
Distended to become the best M-44 , Bait stick lure made too works on T bone, Flat sets and Dirt holes. For Coyotes, Red & Gray fox and Bobcats will work it as well. Trail cameras have shown 3 and more cats at bait sticks where 1080 was the only lure there. So get yours while supplys last.

Cowboy- A grease base lure that really fights the weather. A real canine lure of great interest. Lots of control miles behind this one. We needed a mild lure that didn't smell like the lures on the market.

Undertaker- An all-around lure that works better than we had ever hoped. In the test period we consistently took Coyote, Fox, Cats, Coon and every other animal that came by. Lots of miles in this lure...the last nail in the coffin, so to speak.

Tombstone-  A food call lure that is very attractive at dirt hole or trench sets or bait sticks. Cat, Coyotes, Red, Gray and Swift Fox and Coon.

Caprock Call- A liquid lure - my number two lure works great with 001. Not too over-powering, but loud enough to do the job. An all-around lure for all predators.

Pecos Valley Cat Call-  60%-70% of the cats we catch are with this lure. A curiosity lure, makes cats want to rub. When placed in a cage with a cat, it's face becomes wet with saliva. Really holds their attention. Very attractive to Red and Grays, Coyotes, and Mountain Lions.

Rocky Mountain Cat Call - Our #1 selling Lure...over 2800 oz. sold in the last two years!
This lure was misnamed when tested in the mountains and the sandhills. It works on the high dollar cold country Cats to the sandhills short tails and everything inbetween. Cat, Fox, Coon, Coyotes and very effective on Mountain Lions.

Rocky Mountain Sweet- The same as Rocky Mountain Cat Call, but with a twist. We have added new ingredients to give it a sweet minty smell.

Double Deuce- A food lure that I held back for myself when I worked ADC. Mild, but gets the job done. I have taken Coyotes, Reds, Grays, and Swift Fox in the same day using Double Deuce. Good in dirt holes, flat sets, T-bone, getter sticks and M44S.

Desert Drifter- A food curiosity lure can be used up high as a long distance call and right at the set. It will drift on the wind and call Coyotes, Cats and Fox to the set, but not so over powering that they lose interest at the set.
Gland Lures - These are the gland lures we work with every day

Some trappers ask, 'What is a gland lure supposed to do at a set?'  Our glands do several things at a set. They are exciters, that is, they get K9's excited that another K9 has been there. They also make K9's aggressive or 'Hot' mad in the late winter and spring. At flat sets they get the urination response that I want.

In the spring, with the Coyotes that are setting up a home range, I get the 'Kick and Scratch' reaction. These are not just Coyote or Fox glands in a bottle, but a blend of exciters and high dollar glands and oils.

G.MAN 1 Coyote - Coyote gland made of the best coyote glands I can find. This lure really yotes a set. I use it at dirt holes, trench sets, flat sets and scent post sets.

The amount used changes the reaction wanted. At a dirt hole or trench set, I use a very small scent post, a little more.  Don't use a lot at any set as this lure is very strong. I use no more than a smear the size of a Lima bean. Most of the time, half of that will do. Try this on the late season Big Tom Bobcats.

A fresh coyote gland with strong urine added with some full strength ingredients added to get a big territorial resonance. Designed for ADC WORK. Will work most times of the year when a good gland lure is needed.

Super Cat - This gland lure is a cut above the rest. Top quality cat gland with curiosity additive to peak a Cat's interest. Cat's work the set very aggressively.

Creates a very strong territorial agitated response in Cats in the late season when Toms are looking for females. Juvenile Cats work it looking for one of their own kind and out of curiosity. I use it at all kinds of sets...dirt holes, flat sets, scent post, and trash mounds. At a rub rock set, all I would use was Pecos Valley cat call...but tests showed me Super Cat added more cats at the end of the year.

Don't be surprised when some Coyotes show up in Cat sets when you use Super Cat. Very good for Coyotes that have become shy where they are pressured hard.

All Around Lures

Wild Horse Mesa- We took the best Red Fox glands we could find, blended them with rattlesnake and added the highest grade ingredients to make this fine lure. It has been tested across the country with excellent results. Good for Coyotes, Red Fox, Gray Fox and Cats.

Brush Country- We aged Rattlesnake and Bobcat glands and then added the best quality oils and musks to get a top notch predator lure. Made for Cats, but very good change up for Coyotes and Gray Fox.

New Lure - Scalp Hunter 1- This is a call lure that has attracted a lot of Coyotes. It is more than just a call gets the Coyote to put his nose down a dirt hole to get as close as he can. Works equally well in trench sets on bones and bait sticks. Also good on Red and Gray Fox.

New Lure - Scalp Hunter 2- Made for Red Fox as a call-curiosity lure, but also triggers a food and territorial response. A must for the trapper who wants to catch a truck load of fur. Also good on Gray Fox and Coyotes.
All of our lures are of the highest quality. Each lure is described sure to contact us if you have any questions about any of our lures.

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